There are a number of scams circulating around during the current coronavirus pandemic and its important that you are alert and do not fall for ‘corona cons’.

Follow the Government checklist to help protect yourself from cyber crime – take a moment before you part with your money or personal information.  It sounds very simple, remember, there is no rush.  Make sure you are using the latest software, apps and operating systems on your phones, tablets and laptops and update them regularly.    If you receive an unexpected or suspicious email or text message, don’t click on the link or attachment.  Don’t be afraid to challenge anything you see as suspicious, its OK to refuse or ignore requests for your money or details if you think something is not right – only criminals will try to rush or panic you. Remember, the banks and police will never ask you to withdraw money or transfer it to a different account. Neither will they ask you to reveal your full banking password or PIN.

You can check that requests are genuine by using a known number or email address to contact organisations direct.  And if you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam, contact your bank immediately and report it to Action Fraud.

One of the latest SCAMS concerns a Refund of Council Tax – if it seems to good to be true, then it most probably is and in this case, it is a SCAM, so be aware.


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