Yesterday, it was brought to the attention of the Parish Council that a young person was using the play park on Sawpit Lane, in particular the basketball facility. When asked why they were using it, when in fact the park was closed, they indicated they thought it would be alright because they were on their own and were getting their exercise as advised by the Government.

The park is CLOSED and the Notices and tape on the entrance gate make this very clear. It should not therefore be used, under any circumstances.
The park has been closed to ensure the safety of all the residents of the village.
The Parish Council respectively requests that all residents adhere to the closure of the park and to ensure this message is communicated throughout the village.

Please note – if there are any further breaches of this closure, then it will be necessary for the Parish Council to report such breaches to the local Police, who have the power to act accordingly. This is not something that we would wish to do, however, in these unprecedented times it is vitally important that we all work together and act responsibly to protect lives and support our NHS.

Thank you for your support.

31 March 2020.

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