Coronavirus update

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, a support group has been set up in the village – Brocton Community Support Group. You should receive information about this group over the next few days – click here – Brocton Community Support Group leaflet – March 2020
The Parish Council will be supporting the work of this group and one of the Parish Councillors is a member – Cllr Alexander Kenny.

The group has also set up a Facebook page, which can be accessed by the following link:

Over the days, weeks and months ahead, things will be changing for us all and it is important that we all do our bit in the fight to contain the spread of this virus. It is important that we pay close attention to the Government advice and act accordingly so that we can protect ourselves and the most vulnerable in our community.
Stafford Borough Council have updated their website to include the Government updates on the coronavirus, here is the link:

The Parish Council is still planning to hold its normal Council meeting on 1 April, where there is some normal Council business that needs to be conducted and then we will focus on the coronavirus and what we can do for the community. As always, the meeting is open to residents, however, if you feel uncomfortable about attending such a meeting, then please feel free to forward any ideas/suggestions/comments to the Clerk via email:  or via the Contact Us form on the website.

Please note, if you do wish to attend the meeting the Parish Council will make every effort to ensure your attendance at the Village Hall will be safe.

Between the Parish Council and the newly established Brocton Community Support Group please be assured we are here to help.

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