The Parish Council has been advised that there will be a 7 and 5 hour orienteering style event based in Tackeroo Field on the Chase on the weekend of 4 -5 May 2019.

There will be an increased number of cyclists and runners in the north of the Chase and routes around the Hixon/Colwich area on the Saturday and the centre of the Chase and routes out to the motorway on the Sunday.  it is a navigation event and competitors must keep to Public Roads and Rights of Way, routes across CRoW (open access) land will be strictly limited to clearly defined tracks on the Chase and competitors have no ‘Right to Roam’ off these.  It is expected that circa 150 competitors will take part on bikes and 350 on foot.  There will not be a massed start and competitors can take part as solo or pairs.  There is no set route so participants will be well spread out and are strictly briefed to follow the Country Code at all times.

The Forestry Commission and the Police have been informed and the organisers of the event will be making donations to the PRoW maintenance and the local Air Ambulance.

If you would like to find out more information on the event please visit this website:  or get in touch with the organisers by email at:




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