Alabama Rot – please note the following sensible precautions are being suggested when walking your dog over Cannock Chase:

  • Use normal hygiene routine after walking
  • Wash your dog after walking, paying particular attention to paws and lower limbs
  • Try to avoid muddy areas
  • Monitor your dog for any lesions on paws/lower limbs
  • If your dog appears unwell take it to the vet

At this stage, it is not known if there are any environmental factors that cause the disease, which is still very rare – there have only been 109 confirmed cases in the UK in the last few years. It is all over the country, seems to be evident in muddy areas and appears to occur during the months of November – February.

Advice to dog owners has been to be vigilant for wounds on their dog’s legs and to seek veterinary advice should they be concerned.

Further advice can be found at the following sites:

A more detailed article will be available in the February edition of the Paperchase.

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